"Motivation will always beat those talented bastards"



Disclaimer : Purpose of this portfolio to showcase my work and experience or simply: just to boast :) .

  • All those mentioned categories are just tiny part of my interests. I love many other activities that are not connected with technologies and computers! However this portfolio contains only that.

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Flash Games, I've started developing flash games since 2010 and fully released nine flash games.

  • All were programmed by me.
  • Also I was project manager of all those games.
  • Most of them were partialy-designed by me.
  • Written over +120.000 lines of AS3 code.
  • Those games were played more than 17 million(2013) times!

After finishing my first game I've founded Wolferion Entertainment.

Game development, Many game ideas were generated during modding & flash game development. First actual development started in 2014.

  • Since start of 2014 year I've started development of physics commertial game project codenamed "CargoCraft".
  • Game being coded at C# language and is using Unity engine.
  • Game will feature singleplayer/splitscreen modes.
  • Project can be viewed @ SteamConcepts & IndieDb.com.
  • Also in beginning of 2015 I started learning UnrealEngine4. I might switch "CargoCraft" to UE4.

3d Modeling, I'm modeling since 2007 and it is 8 years since my first model.

  • Over +150 models were created.
  • They range from diamonds, weapons to characters.
  • Low poly & high poly experience.
  • I've sucessfully unwrapped, textured, animated & baked normals maps for more or less of them.
  • About +100 of my models are for sale at:
  1. www.cgtrader.com
  2. www.the3dstudio.com
  3. See my work at TurboSquid


Programming - At 2007 year I was already developing programs for MS VB.Net. Here is experience list:

  • ActionScript 3 - Written +120.000 lines of code.
  • Microsoft Visual C++, C++ - Written  over +30.000 lines of code.
  • Microsoft Visual C#, C# - Written over +15.000 lines of code.
  • Microsoft Visual Basic - First useful personal software. (Some of the programs I still use)
  • Also I've tinkered with other languages such as: Pearl, Java, TurboPascal, FreePascal, Matlab.

Here Is scripting experience:

  • AMX - (Counter Strike) mod editing.
  • Half-Life 2 - More like "schemes" than scripts + level scripts.
  • TES-Scripts - The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.
  • Mattie's EventScripts - Full zombie mod for Counter Strike Souce.
  • UnrealScript - Little scripting on Killing Floor, Unreal Tournament.
  • Other languages I've worked with: Lua, Autolisp.

Total Conversion Modding, Return to Church project based on Half-Life 2: Deathmatch code.

  • One man project, still unfinished, might get released some time.
  • Codding +20.000 lines of C++ code added & even more were modified.
  • 1 Level made from scratch. 1 (donated) Level was greatly modified.
  • Many weapon models & two character models: werewolf, human.
  • Smart advanced melee weapon collision/hitting system.
  • Character transforming, Character respawning & staking system.


Modding, I've modded many games here is list:

  • Half-Life, CounterStrike, The Specialists - mapping. Some scripting with AMX.
  • Lineage 2 - modelling, skinning, engine files scripting, l2walker-ingame scriptin (well I wasn't sort of cheater ;) ).
  • CounterStrike:Source - mapping, Mattie's EventScripts - fully completed zombie mod with tickets system (like battlefield game).
  • The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind - This was my first scripting & modding experience. Scripting (fixing some mods to work as I see fit).
  • Killing Floor - Mutator Editing, scripting, level modding.
  • Half-Life 2 - Total Conversion Mod: Return to Church. Also I've worked as programmer for mod "Sniper Division".
  • Also I've tried modding these games: Dungeon Siege, Neverwinter Nights & some more.
  • However none of my projects were for made public.

Electronics & Robotics - I've founded student team to create autonomous robot from scratch.

  • Purpose of this project was to create robot for Robots Intellect 2013 event and so on. However that event was canceled. So development was immediately halted. And future plans for project are not yet decided.
  • Working with arduino, laptop, servos, wiper motors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, solderiong circuits, welding chasis, stereo vision, lasers, navigation.
  • In 2014 I founded 2-student team to work on University final project: CNC Mill. Project is almost finished.